Helping the Fox Cities get to work - Valley Transit

Valley Transit is known for connecting communities throughout the Fox Cities – but it also plays a critical role in keeping those communities operating by helping companies attract and retain talent by helping employees reach their destinations safely and reliably.

“While Valley Transit provides rides to the community for many reasons, many use Valley Transit for employment purposes, whether that be to find jobs, go to interviews, travel to/from work or access skill enhancement opportunities,” said Sarah Schneider, mobility manager for Valley Transit.

Approximately 54% of Valley Transit’s ridership in 2021 was related to employment, and 98% of rides on VT Connector were related to meeting employment needs. That’s why Valley Transit has worked hard to partner with employers and employees to enhance training and awareness of the services that can make getting to work safe, easy and efficient.

Valley Transit has a travel training specialist on staff that offers complimentary one-on-one training for anyone to wants to use the bus to get to work. New riders often need to know which routes to take or what schedule they need to follow so they can get to and from work with confidence. Travel training not only teaches riders about the features on the bus; like how to use the farebox, stop cord or accessibility features, but how to use the bike rack, safe sidewalk and street crossing or nearest, most convenient, bus stop(s).

Valley Transit also partners with several employers throughout the area who go the extra mile to support their employee’s success; this includes helping employees get to and from work. As a part of their job, they also serve as “in-house travel trainers” and, to support their program, Valley Transit offers a train-the-trainer program called PITT Crew (Partners in Travel Training). The PITT Crew members receive additional education and support that focuses on basic education, bus etiquette, trip preparedness, safety, accessibility and system tools and logistics. Stephanie Lenz, Valley Transit’s travel training specialist shares training tools, resources, support materials and tips to help them, their trainee’s and their organizations achieve successful outcomes. Lenz is also bilingual which helps non-English speaking riders with language barriers. She will ride along, teach safety both on and off the bus, and will provide riders with personalized resources to help them feel more comfortable on the bus.

“PITT Crew members are the truest ambassadors of Valley Transit and act on our behalf while offering this value-added service to their respective organizations and the employees they serve,” Schneider explained.

Schneider will meet with any employer or community group to help provide transportation solutions that keep the Fox Cities connecting and working.

“Valley Transit may not always be the answer or solution to an employer/employees transportation needs, but if we can explore the possibilities and find a viable solution it is a win-win-win,” Schneider said. “We are committed to helping everyone to get where they need to go – on-time and safely.”

For more information on travel training or PIIT Crew click here.