Valley Transit’s mission is to provide customer-focused transportation to everyone in the Fox Cities, and as an organization they’ve put a big emphasis on making sure that everyone in the Fox Cities can be confident and independent to get to, board and ride the bus.

“No two travelers are the same. Where they are coming from, where they are going to – the purpose of their trip and what barriers might prohibit them from accessing transportation,” said mobility manager Sarah Schneider.

Mobility Management

Because equitable transportation for everyone who uses public transportation is one of Valley Transit’s highest priorities, we acknowledge that there are numerous barriers that may prevent someone from taking advantage of services and accessibility features. We are committed to breaking down and even removing barriers so that all riders can connect to the community. One of the services that is offered to accomplish this is travel training.

Travel Training

Travel training is a free service available to all riders that want to learn how to ride the bus. Travel trainer Stephanie Lenz works with riders individually or in groups, offering customized training. Stephanie is bilingual, which helps non-English speaking riders with language barriers. She will ride along, teach safety both on and off the bus, and will provide riders with personalized resources to help them feel more comfortable on the bus. 

For those riders who may not require support as in-depth as travel training, the Valley Transit team is just a phone call away to help answer any questions or assist with trip planning. 

Accessibility Features

Valley Transit buses can meet the needs of those who have mobility barriers or concerns. Each bus has kneeling capability, which means the bus lowers to make that first step onboard easier. For those in wheelchairs, a ramp is deployed for boarding, and Quantum securement technology allows riders to independently secure themselves for a safe ride on the bus. Drivers are trained to safely secure wheelchairs and assist with the use of ramps and securement devices, as necessary.

Valley Transit buses also feature automated stop announcements to ensure riders never have to guess where they’re at on the route or when their stop is coming up.

“It’s customizing and adapting and identifying transportation solutions – or creating them when they don’t exist – to help people get where they need to go,” said Schneider.

To learn more about how Valley Transit is providing access to all riders, visit our accessibility page or call (920) 832-5800.