Valley Transit is available for everyone and strives to remove barriers so you can feel connected to your community and get where you need to go.
Looking to start riding the bus? There’s a variety of resources to get you moving:

1. The Valley Transit app

By downloading the Valley Transit app, you can track your bus in real-time and find out exactly what time you can expect the next bus to arrive at your closest stop. You’ll find the app through Apple Store, Google Play or at


Our website provides answers to common questions about riding the bus and is the best place to start planning your trip. Learn about basic information such as routes and schedules, fare information, where to buy tickets and how to ride. You can also explore our other programs that will take you beyond the fixed-route bus service area or outside of operational hours.

3. Mobility Management

Our mobility manager is available to help you find the best transportation option for you. The fixed route bus is the most affordable, reliable, and consistent transportation option; but when your starting point or destination is outside of bus service hours or beyond our service area, you have a knowledgeable resource to help explore alternative options.

4. Google Maps

Did you know there’s a public transit feature on Google Maps? By using the directions feature you can simply toggle to the “bus” icon and get directions that incorporate the best Valley Transit routes and the shortest distance to your nearest stop! Google maps also has a “depart at” and “arrive by” settings so you know what bus to catch as well as where and when. You can also use the “last” setting so you know when service ends.

5. The phone number and courtesy phone

When you need reassurance or have additional questions, the staff at Valley Transit also answers calls live at (920) 832-5800 during normal operating hours or when you pick up the courtesy phone located in the lobby of the downtown Appleton Transit Center.

6. Travel Training

If you prefer to have individualized, customized, training that gives you even greater confidence about riding the bus, call Valley Transit and set-up an appointment with our travel training specialist. Travel Training is available at no cost and will teach you everything you need to know about the system, accessibility features, rules & etiquette, safety both on and off the bus, trip preparedness, and planning.

7. Your bus driver

The bus driver is your number one resource and best friend on the bus! Ask them any question and you’ll see that they either have an answer or can quickly get an answer with radio access to a supervisor or staff. Bus drivers pride themselves in making sure you feel welcomed, confident, safe and successful because they care that you to get where you need to go.

8. Social Media

Follow Valley Transit on Twitter and Instagram and like us on Facebook. You’ll get updates on detours, holiday hours, route changes, weather delays or anything else you need to know as it is happening. We try to communicate as proactively as possible, but sometimes things pop up unexpectedly, so use our social media to stay informed.

Now you’re ready to ride! See you on the bus!