Valley Transit has long been committed to providing safe and convenient public transportation to all riders. One of the key ways we have achieved this goal is through our user-friendly Valley Transit app, powered by DoubleMap technology. 

Unfortunately, we have been made aware that DoubleMap will be discontinuing its technology, meaning the Valley Transit app will no longer work beginning on July 1, 2023. 

Riders should uninstall the Valley Transit app and familiarize themselves with alternative resources to plan their trips: 

Google Transit Trip Planner 

The Google Transit Trip Planner, or the Google Maps app on mobile devices, is simple to use, and provides multiple options for trips, timing estimates and a schedule of departures.  

Find a full list of instructions for using Google Transit on various devices here 

Apple Maps Transit 

Apple users can access the Maps app get detailed transit directions, including departure times, connection information and fare amounts.  

Find a full instructions for using Apple Maps to plan transit trips on various devices here and 

Always check Valley Transit’s website and social media channels before heading out for service updates including detours and alternate routes. 

Our staff is always happy to answer your route questions, too. We are available Monday through Friday at (920) 832-5800 or you can send us a message on our Facebook page 

We have already started installing new technology on buses that will allow for the exploration of future tools that will serve our riders. It is our goal to find a solution that not only meets the needs of our riders, but also enhances their overall experience with Valley Transit. As we work towards finding new resources, we will continue to provide regular updates through our website, social media channels, and in-bus announcements.