With Valley Transit’s app being discontinued as of July 1, 2023, we recommend getting familiar with other map applications that can assist you in planning your trip like Google Maps or Apple Maps Transit

We’ve put together our top eight tips to ensure a smooth ride while using these resources:

  1. Practice getting directions

To get transit directions in Apple Maps:

    • Enter your starting and ending addresses.
    • Select “Transit” as your preferred method of transportation. Apple Maps will then show you different route options, bus stops, and schedules for Valley Transit.

To get transit directions in Google Maps:

    • Enter your starting and ending address.
    • Tap “directions”.
    • Locate the transportation icon (that resembles a train) on the top bar navigation.
    • Select from the routes offered.
  1. Add your transit stop

If you already know your favorite transit stops – add them to your map!

To add a transit stop to your Apple Maps:

    • Tap and hold on the map where you want to add the transit stop, or search for the stop you want to add.
    • Select “Add to My Route,” and the transit stop will be added to your route.

To add a transit stop to Google Maps:

    • When searching your route, scroll through the list of directions and locate the stop you want to add.
    • Tap on the stop name or information icon and a menu will appear allowing you to add stop to route.
  1. Set your departure or arrival time

A less familiar, but incredibly effective feature of the maps feature is to set your “Depart At” or “Arrive By” time, allowing you to plan your trip in advance using the public transportation schedule that applies at that time. It’s important to use this to plan ahead because route numbers and times may vary during peak hours or on weekends.


  1. Review recommended routes for options

Both Apple and Google maps offer multiple route options. We recommend reviewing them carefully to ensure you are selecting the most effective route for your travel goals.

  1. Save your map for offline use

If you think you may have spotty access to cellular data or no access to the internet, consider downloading your map for offline use for easy access while you are on the go.

  1. Set your “favorites”

Maps offer the option to add favorite destinations for work, home or shopping. By adding these favorites, you streamline future searches to help plan your trip!

  1. Add in Valley Transit’s website and social media pages

Detours and important route information will be shared on myvalleytransit.com, on Facebook and on Twitter. Be sure to head to one of those pages before you head out so you know what to expect with your planned route!

You can also view individual map routes and posted detours at https://myvalleytransit.com/route-maps-schedules/


  1. Save the Valley Transit number in your phone

Speaking of planning your trip – it may be a good idea to save the Valley Transit number, (920) 832-5800, in your phone so you can easily call with questions about your route.