With the start of the school year right around the corner, it’s important to start planning your rides to school and activities to ensure a smooth transition. That’s where Valley Transit comes in!

Approximately 20% of Valley Transit’s ridership in 2022 was from students in the Fox Cities. Thanks to partnerships, Valley Transit plays a critical role in supporting students’ commute to school by offering free rides for students in the Appleton Area School District and at Lawrence University and Fox Valley Technical College.

How to ride free

Getting a FREE ride on Valley Transit is simple, you just need a physical ID card. If you’re a middle or high school student in the Appleton Area School District, show the driver your student ID when your board. If you attend classes at Lawrence University or Fox Valley Technical College, swipe your ID in the farebox to ride free.

Benefits of taking the bus

Valley Transit can take the stress off your commute. Forget about finding parking on campus, asking friends for rides, or making sure you have a pick-up waiting after your club meetings. Most of Valley Transit’s bus routes run continuously giving you flexibility to arrive early or stay late. With more than 18 routes connecting the Fox Cities and an additional 3 tripper routes serving the Appleton Area School District during the school year, there’s a route for you.

How to plan your bus ride

To ensure that you’re on time for your first day of class and beyond, make sure to plan your route and check the bus schedule in advance and check out the website for detour and route updates. You can use the trip planning tools or check the schedules on the Valley Transit website. If you’re unsure about your route, call our main office at (920) 832-5800. Riders can stay up to date on detours and routes by following Valley Transit on social media, too.

Travel training

If you’re new to riding Valley Transit, have a new destination this year or just need a refresh, our free travel training can help you feel confident riding the bus all year long! Travel training not only teaches riders about the features on the bus; like how to use the farebox, stop cord or accessibility features, but also how to use the bike rack, safe sidewalk and street crossing and nearest, most convenient, bus stop(s).

Valley Transit is committed to providing top-notch service that connects our communities and is ready to help students have a safe, stress-free journey to and from school.