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App & Trip Planning Tools

Valley Transit App

Valley Transit’s App allows you to track buses in real time. The App features include personalized map to show only your routes, set alerts for favorite bus stops, rider announcements and trip planning.

Use the icons below to download today! Be sure to review our App Tips section below.

App Tips

  • Watch our brief video on how to use the app. Click here.
  • Always hit ‘Show All’ routes: In the menu under ‘Routes’, make sure ‘Show All’ is selected and hit ‘Save’ in order to see all currently operating routes. This is a good way to refresh all routes. The ‘show all’ routes feature will need to be reactivated between service periods (day vs night) and service days (weekday vs Saturday). It is a good practice to use the ‘show all’ routes feature each time you open the app to ensure you are viewing the all current routes.
  • Routes appear in the app only when they are active. For example, evening routes (like 6 & 19) are only visible when those routes start service in the evening. This is also true for our AM and PM school tripper routes. Note: Route 10 (Neenah to Oshkosh) is a route managed by the City of Oshkosh/GO Transit, so it is not covered by this app.
  • The bus icon location updates every few seconds to provide very accurate bus location data. The app provides estimated arrival times when a bus stop is selected. These are estimates that will improve as the system operates over time. It is always best to use this estimate and also be aware of where of the bus icon as it approaches your stop.
  • While using the app, you should see a blue dot on the map which marks your current location. If you do not see a blue dot, open your phone’s App or Location settings, find the Valley Transit App and allow location permissions for it. If you are using the app and need to find your location, touch the location icon. It is near the top right corner of the screen, just under the magnifying glass. This feature zooms the map to your location/blue dot.
  • Short-term cell and/or GPS issues can impact the availability of location information for a bus. If you notice a missing bus icon or have questions about stop times, always feel free to contact Valley Transit to report issues.

Bus Tracker Public Website

Valley Transit routes can be tracked from any personal computer. Enjoy the same tracking and updates available in the App. Click on the green “DoubleMap” icon below and add it to your favorites.

Google Transit Trip Panner

Check out the Google Transit Trip Planner (mobile users: use your Google Maps app to get transit information) and let Google do the trip planning for you. To begin a trip plan, enter your beginning and ending destinations below and click the ‘Get Directions’ button. Just be sure to check our current route detours for any detour information that might affect your bus route.