FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Valley Transit provides answers to common questions below. If your question is not answered below or if you would like more information about any topic, feel free to Contact Us.


How much does it cost to ride the bus?

The adult cash fare is $2.00. For convenience, Valley Transit offers ticket and pass options. Special fares are also available. See our Bus Fares & Passes page to view all fare options.

What is a transfer?

A transfer is a receipt issued to a passenger by the farebox on a bus after a cash fare is paid. A transfer is needed when you cannot get to your final destination on the first bus you board and need to transfer to a second bus to access another route. Transfers are free but must be used before the printed expiration. Valley Transit transfers expire 75 or 105 minutes after issued, depending on issuing route. Any passenger may ask for a transfer when boarding the bus after the fare is paid. If you need a transfer, please tell the driver as you board and let the driver know which bus route you will be transferring to.

Does Valley Transit provide new rider training or help learning how to ride the bus?

Yes, Valley Transit is happy to help individuals or groups learn how to ride. This can be done according to your needs. It could be a phone call to answer questions and review your trips. We also utilize travel trainers for more in-depth support. Visit the Travel Training page to learn more.

What is the schedule for each route? What is peak service and when does it operate?

You can view each route’s schedule from the Maps & Schedules page. Some routes provide peak service. Peak service means increased service frequency is provided along a route during certain times. Peak service usually occurs during the AM and PM rush hours. To find out if your route(s) offer peak service, view the individual route maps found on Maps & Schedules.

Who qualifies for the reduced bus fare? If I am eligible, how do I become certified?

Riders with a qualifying disability and riders age 65 and over qualify for the reduced bus fares. To learn more about qualifications and how to certify, visit the Reduced Fare Certification page.

When do buses operate?

Valley Transit operates daytime, evening and Saturday schedules. Go to Maps & Schedules and click on the system-wide maps to review service hours for your routes. Or call Valley Transit with questions about service times.

How do I know if my route is on detour?

In the Individual Route Maps table, routes with a detour will include construction cone icon that links to a map showing the detour. Riders can also follow Valley Transit on Twitter, where detours and all Valley Transit updates are posted.

Where can I buy a bus pass?

Valley Transit bus passes can be purchased at ticket outlets located throughout the Fox Cities, through mail or from a vending machine located at the Downtown Appleton Transit Center. Day Passes can be purchased from the bus driver as you board. Purchase options, ticket outlet locations and other details are listed on our Ticket Outlets & Purchasing page.

I’m interested in advertising opportunities on the bus. How do I find out more?

Valley Transit buses contain multiple options for exterior and interior ads. Visit our Business page to learn more.

How much can I carry on a bus? Can I bring my pet? What is the stroller policy?

Valley Transit’s Carry-on Brochure provides policies for carry-on items, animals and strollers. Service animals are allowed on all buses and at the Transit Center. Other animals are not allowed, unless they are in an enclosed container that can be held in your lap. Strollers are allowed, but while onboard children must be removed and stroller needs to be folded and kept out of the aisle.

What programs are available for senior or persons with disabilities who are unable to ride the bus?

Valley Transit offers several demand-response programs for seniors and persons with disabilities. Visit our Demand Response page to learn more about each program.

How do I schedule a demand response program ride? What is the number and how far in advance should I call?

Valley Transit utilizes a contractor to provide all demand response services. The phone number for scheduling trips is (920) 832-5789 or (877) 444-6543. Most programs require riders to call at least the day before by 5:00 p.m. for trips the following day. Check out Scheduling Tips page for more details.

Do you have a map of the service area for Valley Transit II?

Yes. Visit the Valley Transit II program page to view the service area map.

How do I download and use the Valley Transit App?

The Valley Transit App can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Search for “Valley Transit.” More download options are found on the App & Trip Planning Tools page.

Which students are eligible for free rides supported by the Appleton Area School District during the school year?

Public and parochial middle and high school students in the Appleton Area School District (AASD) are eligible for free rides. Rides are paid for by AASD. More info found in Bus Fares & Passes.

When no one is at the customer service window at the Downtown Appleton Transit Center, how can I contact Valley Transit?

Valley Transit offers a courtesy phone that is answered by a Valley Transit representative during business hours. The courtesy phone is located next to the ticket vending machine in the west hallway. If you have access to a cell phone, you can also call our main phone number (920.832.5800).